Prof. Jianqiao Li
Jilin University, China

I am very happy to usher in the tenth anniversary of the International Society of Bionic Engineering! 

Ten years is short, in the long river of history it is only a small spray. In the era of opportunities and challenges, with the joint efforts of many people who eager to communicate and communicate in the field of bionic engineering, the bionic society was born in the season of peace and harvest at Zhuhai. Now the ISBE ushered in the tenth anniversary of the birthday, let us say affectionately: ISBE, wish you a happy birthday! May you walk better and more brilliantly.

Ten years is long, in the life of each member, it is a memorable period good time. Through the joint efforts of all members, ISBE has been running fruitful. The countries with ISBE member is increasing, the number of ISBE members is raising. We passed together the development progress; we share together the bionic achievements in past ten years. 

I would like to thank all members for their contributions in different periods for the ISBE in past 10 years. Without members, there is no ISBE, without the support of members, there are no ISBE activities. I would also like to thank the young members and student members of ISBE, youth is the hope of ISBE, and is the future of ISBE.  

Special thanks to Luquan Ren, Julian Vincent, and Wilhelm Barthlott for their great support before and after the establishment of the ISBE, as well as the wonderful works on bionic career. It is with the joint efforts of ever member, in the changing progress of science and technology, the ISBE has the 10th anniversary with passion and vitality. 

This is ten years of experience, ten years of development, and ten years of achievement of ISBE. Let us look back on the past ten years, look forward to a more brilliant decade. Wish our ISBE in the continuous development, better and better!

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