Prof. Julian FV Vincent
Heriot-Watt University, UK

My first visit to China, to the Key Laboratory in Changchun in 2004, was to help with the newly established Journal of Bionics Engineering. Over the next four years I helped editing the journal, gradually building trust and friendship with the members of the laboratory and attending annual meetings there. It was an easy journey – Professors Ren, Li and Tong were so welcoming of both me and my wife. Relatively soon the relationship expanded into the formation of a society of bionic engineering. My contribution was to help expand its influence worldwide and to make sure its appeal was international. The process of approval by the Chinese authorities was long and careful, but was eventually completed. A small office for its administration was established with Professor Li as the Permanent Secretary and Professor Ren, as Standing Vice-President,keeping a watch on everything. I was appointed the Founding President, conveniently some distance from the heart of what was now the ISBE so that I could not interfere too much! There followed a period of highly enjoyable conferences and workshops, mostly in and around China, though some were in Europe, and one was in Boston, USA. I cannot thank the Society and its Officers and Secretarial Staff (Runmao, Yue and Ximei) enough for their care and friendship. It has been a wonderful adventure.

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