Prof. Friedrich G. Barth
University of Vienna, Austria

I warmly congratulate all those who have worked hard and successfully to promote bio-inspired engineering by founding the ISBE 10 years ago and by running the society so well since.A particular mention of Professor Julian VINCENT, President of ISBE form any years and a pioneer of biomimetics, seems appropriate at this special occasion.

Julian’s visions and activities were instrumental for the growth of the international awareness of there levance of biomimetic engineering, its enormous potential, and also its particular demands. My own hopes at this special occasions till imply what I have brought up in a 2016 ISBE Newsletter already. The future of biomimetics or bio-inspired engineering needs more biology. In addition to just  picking there finement of a detail an understanding ofthe larger behavioral and ecological contexts is needed, if the goal is to fully disclose the basic principles hidden in the elegant natural solutions of so many demanding technical problems. More of intensive long term colaborations between biology and engineering, a win-win situation for both,would enrich the field. For now, however, happy anniversary and very best wishes for the next decade of ISBE. 

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