Dr Abdul Rashid Qaisrani
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Australia

Bionics is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to design of engineering systems. Historically bionics have been used to improve the lives of humans and increase productivity. The implantation of cochlear implant assisted totally deaf people to varying degrees of hearing. Similarly, bio-inspired materials improved the working efficacy of soil engaging tools, walking wheels improved the efficiency of wetland machinery, bio-inspired drag reduction technologies improved the efficiency of marine vehicles, aircraft, pipeline transportation and microfluidics.

The establishment of the International Society of Bionic Engineering provided an effective platform to scientists to discuss innovative ideas and share research outcomes in a more coordinated way. The organisation of regular Conferences and Workshops created interest and awareness among researchers and the industry. This society assisted scientists to find innovative bionic solutions to very complex engineering problems.

Being a proud founding member of the society, I would acknowledge the research on Bionics Engineering initiated by Professor Chen Bincong (Late), Professor Ren Luquan and their team. Their efforts improved the lives of billions of people around the world through developing and using bionic engineering technologies. Big thanks to Professor Ren’s vision for establishing the International Society of Bionic Engineering. I also appreciate Professor Li Jianqiao and his staff to make things happen on the ground.

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