Prof. Ille C. Gebeshuber
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

I wish to convey my warmest congratulations to the International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE) on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

In the last 10 years ISBE has developed into a robust society. ISBE’s success is based on inter- and transdisciplinary international collaboration in the fields of professional education, research and development. With the Journal of Bionic Engineering ISBE has established an excellent journal in the field. It has contributed immensely to paving the way towards a sustainable future with a good life for all.

Living Nature provides us a look into the possible, into what can be done. And with curiosity, eagerness and dedication bionic engineers can learn from this great master. Conventional innovation is incremental - it aims to improve technology by making it faster, cheaper and smaller. On the other hand innovation based on bionic engineering is progressive by making technology better, with respect and love for the biosphere.

I keenly look forward to witnessing the continuous achievements of ISBE along its mission of being dedicated to the advancement of communication and cooperation among all scholars, and the dissemination of knowledge and education in the field of bionic engineering.

In this context I want to wish ISBE another decade of bright and prosperous development!

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