Prof. Feng Zhou
Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China

First of all, congratulations to the 10th anniversary of the ISBE. Nature is so fantastic and there are so many new things to discover. We can learn a lot from nature and create a better life through providing bionic products, which is the core of bionics. The establishment of ICBE pioneered by Prof Luquan Ren provides such a great platform for scientists and engineers who are dedicated in the area to exchange progress and ideas, inspire each other, for the students to meet senior scientists. For years, Prof Ren contributed a lot to the association through personal donation, bionic education, providing innovation ideas, encouraging young people to get involved etc. I was lucky to win the Outstanding Youth Award of ICBE for the chemistry contribution to bionics and are now working on developing bionic products with wet-lubricity performance. I hope ICBE more success and I will keep contributing to the society. 

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