Prof. Guowu Wei
University of Salford, UK

“I am pleased to offer my warm congratulations to the International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE) on its auspicious 10th anniversary celebration.

With a decade’s endeavour from all the dedicated board and members, ISBE has played an important role in contributing to the future of bionic engineering, has made itself a flagship society in promoting understanding and applying biology in engineering, and has provided an excellent platform for bringing and uniting people from different disciplines and nations in the bionic science together to explore, investigate and discover innovative bionic solutions for the world-class problems in the fields of energy, materials, manufacture, healthcare, robotics, etc. ISBE has also provided opportunities and support for the young generation and early career researchers in bionic science and engineering through establishing and developing the Youth Commission of ISBE; aiming at bringing forward the education of the next generation. Great achievements and milestone for the society!   

On this very special occasion, as a member of ISBE, I would also like to wish the ISBE and members of ISBE continued success in the future endeavours.”

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