Dr. Hyuneui Lim
Korea Institute Machinery and Materials(KIMM), South Korea

I am happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ISBE. I am Hyuneui Lim, a representative of KOREA, working on Nature-Inspired Engineering, especially wonderful functional surface and flexible electronics via self-assembly and 3D printing in Korea Institute Machinery and Materials (KIMM). ISBE is leading the strong relationships in biomimetics and making the advances in research field. It is true that biomimetics provides the solutions for a sustainable world and balanced ecosystem. People learn from nature’s wisdom, thick the nature-inspired strategies and live with nature. ISBE is in the center of the bionic engineering. I really appreciate for ISBE and devotion.

Address: C508 Dingxin Building Jilin University, 2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun 130012, P.R. China
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